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This is a place where I will document various things not mentioned in the readme.

Getting Voices

ClipSpeak does not come with any voices, but uses those it finds on the computer it runs on. If you want a better or different voice, or a voice in your language, there are many places to look. Unfortunately, there are not many free ones out there.

eSpeak ( is a speech synthesizer that supports many languages. The voice quality is not that great, but it is completely free and very efficient.

NeoSpeech ( offers top-quality voices in five languages.

AT&T Natural Voices ( is a popular synthesizer. Comparable to NeoSpeech.

Acapela ( provides very high-quality voices in many languages.

Note that I have not tested all of these. If you find a synthesizer and want to know if it will work with ClipSpeak, make sure it supports SAPI 5 (that is, the Microsoft Speech API version 5). If it does, it will work with ClipSpeak. However, if it only is SAPI4 compatible, then ClipSpeak will not recognise it at all.

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hellokitty Mar 6, 2011 at 4:13 PM 
Hi, clip speak need a pause and resume function. how about left mouse clip on the tray icon or let user create a single letter hotkey and/or a combo hot key? Email me if you can. Regards..