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Project Description

ClipSpeak is a portable, lightweight text-to-speech tool with a minimal user interface that speaks text copied to the clipboard. It is compatible with all SAPI5 speech synthesizers, and can also be used to convert texts to MP3 files.


  • Speak text copied (or cut) to the clipboard.
  • Stop ongoing speech with the right-control key.
  • Quickly enable and disable ClipSpeak by hitting the right shift key and the right control key.
  • Select the synthesizer used. If you want a free synthesizer that supports quite a number of languages, check out eSpeak.
  • Customise voice parameters.
  • Save to MP3 function lets you put your texts on your MP3 player (using LAME MP3 encoder).
  • Fully portable.
  • Small size (under a megabyte).

Technical Details

ClipSpeak is targetting the .NET Framework version 2.0, and is written in C# using Visual Studio 2008.
ClipSpeak does not store any information in the registry, nor anywhere else on disk, meaning it is fully portable. For MP3 compression it uses the LAME MP3 library.
For a more in-depth description of how the program works and is structured, see the dev.txt document found in the source code.



The folks over at Softpedia have taken their time to test ClipSpeak in their security labs, and have granted the program the "100% free" award. This means that they found no viruses, spyware or adware in the product. Link:

2010-02-05 - Voices

Check out the Documentation page (link above), and you will find a page with links to some places to download or buy voices. I will update the list with new synthesizers as I encounter them. If you know of any, please tell!

2009-08-31 - ClipSpeak 1.5 is released!

In a couple of seconds, ClipSpeak 1.5 will be available on the Downloads page! I will then cotinue putting it up on other sites. As always, if you encounter any problems, don't hesitate to post about it on the discussions page, or put up a ticket in the issue tracker.


I have now finished implementing the Save to MP3 function! Next up is some polishing and testing, and then 1.5 will be out.


1.5 is approaching. At the moment I am not committing any source code because it is not runnable. No worries though, I know the reason. Today I have done some interface tweaks, and added the Save to MP3 dialog box. The code behind this feature remains, and ClipSpeak will have two new icons, to reflect the ability to toggle it on and off.


A little report on the progress towards 1.5: I've fixed the multiple instance bug, and I've implemented (but not uploaded) toggling of ClipSpeak via a hotkey. I have decided to release 1.5 with the Save to MP3 feature, but without SAPI4 support, as this apparently is much harder to implement than I first thought.


Yesterday ClipSpeak passed 2000 downloads, and we're just about to hit the 5000 page views mark, hurray!
Also a big thank you to the person who mentioned ClipSpeak on Neat Net Tricks!


Two new features have been added, available in the latest source code: the ability to adjust the speed and the volume in the voice selection dialogue. This functionality will be in v1.5, along with save to mp3 and SAPI4 support.


ClipSpeak is resting for awhile. When I resume work in a couple of weeks (hopefully), I'll return to SAPI4 support.


I've done some major refactoring of the code in preparation for SAPI4 support. It will now be much easier to implement this feature, which will enable ClipSpeak to use many more speech synthesizers.


ClipSpeak 1.0 has been downloaded over 1000 times (on CodePlex alone)! Thanks to everyone who have downloaded and used the software. As you can see from the SVN activity, not much is going on right now. I am very busy with other things right now, but as soon as I get more time I will get to fixing a couple of bugs and implement the save to MP3 feature.


It is finally out: ClipSpeak 1.0! MP3-output didn't make it this time, but voice selection did.


Another month has passed, and ClipSpeak 1.0 is almost ready. Today I implemented voice selection, so the only feature left is MP3-output, which I hope I will get to finish in the coming weeks.


ClipSpeak 0.95 released!
Not much has happened to ClipSpeak the last month, but I finally managed to fix a very important bug today, so I decided to create a new release before the final 1.0.
The most important changes are:
  • ClipSpeak does not freeze anymore while speaking.
  • The duplicate speech bug is fixed, so ClipSpeak should work with Adobe Reader now as well.


Added a utility (ClipMon) for monitoring clipboard messages. This will be handy when trying to figure out why ClipSpeak behaves strangely in some programs.


ClipSpeak 0.9 is released!

ClipSpeak on other sites and in other languages

Copyright(c) 2008-2009, Daniel Innala Ahlmark

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